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Alex Crumpler

Product Leader, EPAM Systems

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As a customer-centric Product Leader, Alex Crumpler has shown a proven record of driving growth, innovation, and consumer engagement. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, he collaborates with clients to tailor complex challenges into concrete business outcomes. There he has, for nearly a decade, been a leader in digital Product Management.

Alex's career as a Digital PM started in 2010 at a company called Sharecare, where he worked for six years as a Product and Social Media Manager. Alex worked with Sharcare to further their mission of simplifying the digital health education experience. His experience grew and in 2016 he brought his skill set to bear on CNN Digital, where he started as Product Manager: Storytelling. In that role, Alex led the largest digital video event in the history of CNN. During Presidential Election Night, 2016, he managed the operations of over seventy-five digital staffers to deliver real-time coverage. Drawing on three years of success as a PM he was, in February 2019, promoted within CNN Digital to the role of Senior Product Manager and led a high-performance team of more than twenty members.

Today, Alex is the Director of Product Management at EPAM Systems, a company specializing in product development, digital platform engineering, and digital product design. In 2018 Alex found time to earn his MBA, with a specialization in technology management to complement his previously earned BBA. Alex also dedicates some of his time to guiding the next generation of tech leaders by sharing his experience and insights as a Product School featured speaker. When his attention is not focused on creating real business through tech, Alex recharges by traveling with his family, reading, and writing.

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