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Amitha Pulijala


Amitha Pulijala

Director of Product Management, Oracle

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Amitha Pulijala is a high-energy executive who has brought change through her volunteer activities as well as her 15+ years as an innovative Product Manager. She combines her broad experience in software engineering at several major enterprise, IT and telecom companies with business training which included the Stanford University Graduate School of Business LEAD program. Her passion for creating disruptive and leading-edge technologies has informed recent roles as Principle Project Manager and Director of Product Management at Oracle. Amitha's leadership in multi-platform Software-as-a-Service solutions, intuitive UX design, and global SCRUM teams has positioned her to guide Oracle's next-generation data-driven experiences. Active in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality discussions as part of the next generation of user experience, she keeps the product roadmap and company strategy under her ownership fresh and evolving. Amitha Puliljala is a vibrant communicator bringing her vision to industry forums, company executives, and Chief Technology Officers at key company accounts. As Oracle's customers embrace the Digital Transformation, she is in a position to speak clearly about change. A results-oriented manager, Amitha has played an important role in product-related activities from software development and cross-team collaboration to competitive analysis, partner alliances, marketing strategies, support enablement, and initial beta launches. This gives her a solid understanding of nearly all phases of Product Management and a practical feel for launch timing and risk mitigation, real-world roadmap development, and building confidence in the product both within and outside the company. Amitha Pulijala's software development background has given her insight into content management, e-business, enterprise-level applications, and open standards cooperation, allowing her to visualize the industry placement of products under her management so that they become an integral part of platforms developed across her customer base. She is not only a passionate Product leader, but contributes her marathon-level running abilities and STEM tutoring skills to empower girls and underprivileged children as a change agent in her local community.

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