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Angelo Liao

Former Product Leader, Microsoft

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Angelo is a knowledgeable Product Leader who works specifically with AI to create amazing and helpful products. For five years he worked on Product at Microsoft. His most recent focus was building the AI Coach product portfolio. PowerPoint Presenter Coach was the first AI Coach at a major tech company and Angelo shipped it. The product listens to your speech and uses your video feed to help you prepare better for your presentation as you rehearse.

After this successful product, he thought up the AI Interview coach which he partnered with LinkedIn to bring to market. He also previously worked on the developer platform for Microsoft Edge where he worked as an editor and thought leader during the development of the web authentication API for browsers.

Angelo is also a Programming Board Member at StartOut, where he helps and inspires early-stage entrepreneurs and companies. Not to mention he also is the Founder of Sparks, a platform that helps experienced professionals in the 50+ age group connect and network for potential work, advising, and volunteer opportunities. 

Angelos studied Psychology and Computer Science at Claremont McKenna College for his Bachelor's degree, which gave him a unique perspective when it comes to making products and understanding his customer base. He is very skilled when it comes to data analysis and research. 

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