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Ansh Verma

Senior Product Development Engineer, ZeroUI

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Ansh Verma is helping several startups to design and deploy their products. Currently, he is involved as a Senior Product Development Engineer at ZeroUI. There he is leading the development of innovative educational robotic kits for children. He is also the mastermind behind the production and marketing strategy of Light Up, an innovative tech startup that aims to empower underrepresented children in India by improving their emotional intelligence skills. In these companies, Ansh is involved in the whole process of launching their products from initial concept to prototyping and design to marketing. Collaborating with other engineers and designers, he is working on creating ideas of a new product and then, leading its the design and testing. Thanks to his business experience, he is also responsible for designing the marketing strategy. This brought him a real world, hands-on experience with crowdfunding platforms and social media marketing. This made Ansh a truly indispensable product development expert. Receiving his training in some of the best American universities: MIT and Purdue University, Ansh has developed a strong skill set in engineering, product development, and business strategy. Although he already possesses extensive real-world experiences in these fields, he continues to meticulously perfect his skills to stay the best in his craft. Engineer at heart, Ansh dedicates a lot of energy to his passion even in his spare time. He works on a number of projects of his own and volunteers his engineering skills to others to help them achieve their dreams. Ansh was also involved in several research projects that explore the interaction between humans and technology. Ansh's primary drive is to make a positive impact on the world with his career. He is achieving that by providing his skills to startups that address pressing social problems and by advancing the frontiers of engineering.

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