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Ayesha Mascarenhas

Product Manager, Microsoft

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Ayesha is a product leader, focused on bringing to market experiences that delight the end-user.She is currently holding the position of Product Manager, leading Microsoft’s strategy around managing Windows and Android devices. During her extensive tenure at Microsoft, she has been progressively attaining higher managerial positions, from a Program Manager to Senior Product Manager. In previous roles, she has brought to market strategically important technology from startup acquisition to launching the 1st version of RemoteFX. Furthermore, she led Microsoft’s strategy for mobile apps on iOS and Android. She is currently leading the Yammer project, which is a freemium enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. She is also responsible for the experimentation and metrics-driven approach to increasing product activation and usage. Additionally, while pursuing her MBA at Haas School of Business in Berkeley, she also was a Co-Founder at Ayesha is a great professional who is skilled across all aspects of product management and brings a great blend of technical knowledge and business experience to the table.

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