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Britta Mueller Ho

Senior Product Manager, AWS

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Britta Mueller Ho is a customer-centric product innovator with a track record of delivering exceptional results in the realms of cloud, SaaS, and IoT high-tech solutions. As a Senior Product Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Britta is playing a key role in creating innovative AWS services. She's skilled at turning complex ideas into actionable strategies, including developing plans for these services and understanding how they impact the business. Her work involves designing programs to test these new services with automotive clients and creating user-focused solutions. Britta excels at leading diverse, flexible teams to make software products that not only make users happy but also create significant financial success.

Britta's extensive experience also includes nearly eight years at Verizon Connect. Here, she led the efforts to acquire the first client in the emerging autonomous vehicle market, directed research, user stories, and Agile feature development for in-vehicle Wi-Fi SaaS services, and crafted product strategies for European market expansion. Her strength lies in her organizational acumen, allowing her to handle numerous tasks and priorities while maintaining sharp attention to detail. Her knack for direct and concise communication makes her a valuable asset to any team. Her capacity to understand customer needs and blend this understanding with deep product insights, intuition, and problem-solving skills is truly remarkable. Her products are not only well-prepared but also polished for sales teams to succeed right from the get-go.

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