Cori Shearer


Cori Shearer

Senior Product Manager, Headspace

Cori is a highly-skilled, growth-oriented product professional who has an impressive track record of creating and shipping high-value products. She is currently working on Headspaces's activation team as a Senior Product Manager. Before that, she worked at Quizlet first as a Product Manager for International Growth and later as a Senior Product Manager for Acquisition and Growth. Previously, she also worked at Shazam as a Product Manager focused on leading growth initiatives to boost traffic, user engagement, and overall well-being of the platform. Her efforts were extremely successful as she steadily drove YoY growth and infiltrated new markets across products, resulting in more than $2M in annual revenue. Cori earned both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications from Temple University. She is described as a people-first leader that is always looking for ways to set up her team for success.

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