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Evangelos Foutakoglou

Director of Product at Delivery Hero

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With extensive exposure to diverse digital verticals, Evangelos Foutakoglou is an experienced Digital Product professional with a strong focus on B2C/consumer-facing platforms. His result-oriented leadership style, based on Agile principles, is backed by a solid tech background and a holistic perspective on the business side. Evangelos excels in communication with C-level executives in international business settings.

As the Director of Product Management for the Consumer Product team at Delivery Hero, Evangelos plays a critical role in coordinating four squads responsible for efood and foody, the market leaders in their field in Greece and Cyprus. His expertise, combined with a passion for driving customer-focused digital products, continues to shape the success of Delivery Hero's consumer-facing platform and his leadership has facilitated the introduction of innovative features like a gamification toolset and a loyalty scheme.

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