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Garrett Lang

Founder and President, PlateRate

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Garrett Lang began his career as a developer in the 90’s. He has a computer science degree from Cornell University and still spends some of his spare time keeping his technical skills sharp. Garrett has spent about 11 years in Financial Services Companies advancing his career as a Product Manager, including General Electric, Citigroup, and Oppenheimer Funds.

Garrett has spent 6 years in ad tech/marketing tech, where he worked for a number of startups, including one acquired by Nielsen where Garrett helped create The Nielsen Marketing Cloud. Garrett also spent some time in other industries working with the PwC and Google Cloud Alliance leading a product/engineering organization of over 50. 

Garrett is the founder and president of PlateRate - A company that is in the process of launching a product that will allow you to earn up to a 60% credit in free food to try the best menu items at our partner restaurants. Go to and you will find out why you will want to use PlateRate for yourself!

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