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Haruki Sonehara


Haruki Sonehara

Principal Product Manager, Smule

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Haruki collected many achievements as a Product Manager throughout his 18+ years career from startup to established company. He is currently holding the position of Principal Product Manager at Smule. He leads multiple company-wide strategic initiatives, such as setting a clear agenda from the starting point, build a roadmap, spin up a team to tackle and break down to the execution through complex projects. He was responsible to increase user engagement by more than 30% as total with multiple approaches such as seamless connectivity, sticky user experience and machine learning based recommendation. Over the last 10+ years, he went through a lot of global customer facing roles such as a sales engineer, customer support, and technical marketing while accumulating technical expertises. He now integrated these unique experiences into product management. Haruki started his stellar career as a Network Consulting Engineer at Cisco, where he provided high-quality technology consulting services for the Tier 1 carrier networks in Japan, helping customers to maximize the software experience. His purpose in life is to deliver delight to the world through product/service/user experience innovation. He loves to solve the hard problems with the new way of approach and thinking. Haruki holds Professional Certificates from the most renowned universities in the U.S. as Stanford, MIT, and UC Berkeley HAAS.

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