Lisa Kamm


Lisa Kamm

SVP of Product, The New York Times

Lisa is a leader in product management with expertise in the development of large-scale technology solutions for major companies such as Google, American Express, JP Morgan Chase, and currently The New York Times. In her current role as SVP of Product for their core platforms, she is pushing forward to speed up technology innovation and growth. During her 12 years at Google, she held a variety of positions. She started off managing the User Experience team in the East Americas. She more than doubled the size of the regional team, worked with a total of four teams across six cities while still finding time to innovate, ensuring inclusion was in the process of product development. She then moved to UX lead for their advertising products, shifting the department from a regional to a product-focused structure while again also doubling the size of the team with a more defined hierarchy of responsibility. She also spent time as a Product Lead, Senior Product Manager, and most recently Lead Product Manager. When presented with any kind of problem, Lisa quickly finds the solution and immediately leads her team to solve it no matter what. She is willing to direct and help her team when needed but also let them thrive on their own. Lisa has a strong educational background with a BA from Oberlin, a JD from NYU, and an MSLIS from the University of Illinois.

Featured experience:

American Express
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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