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Manjula Iyer

Product Lead, Microsoft

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Manjula Iyer is a product leader who loves to build products using technology to solve complex business problems. She enjoys building and managing product teams, setting strategic direction for an organization, and delighting her customers with great products. 

She is currently working at Microsoft as a Product Lead in the Microsoft Defender for Office team. She has experience dealing with large budgets and multi-million dollar programs. She has worked on teams that have been spread out across different geographic areas and across different disciplines and has launched global products in multiple industry verticals. 

Before Microsoft, Manjula was at GE Healthcare as Director of Product Management. She led digital Product Management in efforts to create a secure, cloud-based platform for healthcare applications. She also has experience leading Product Management teams at various startups in the greater Seattle area. In addition, she has worked at Sears Home Services as Director of Technical Product Management. There she led the digital marketing automation effort for different business units in her department.

Manjula has an academic background in Computer Science with multiple patents and papers in the fields of high-performance computing and mathematical modeling. She earned her Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Western Sydney University and her Master of Science from The University of Alabama in Huntsville.

After joining a team Manjula gets right to work establishing herself as a force for good on the team. She immediately sets a dependable, astute tone as her leadership style. Her ability to be pragmatic, collaborative, and action-oriented allows her to easily deal with complex issues within her organizations and with her products. She is also a strong advocate for getting women into technology careers and is an ally to career moms.

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