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Merci Victoria Grace

CEO, Panobi

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Merci Victoria Grace, currently leading as the CEO at Panobi, boasts a career woven with impactful contributions to the tech and product management landscape. In her current role, she is orchestrating a transformative journey that's redefining how growth teams operate. Her unique approach has already become synonymous with exclamations of awe from the industry, embodying innovation and effectiveness.

Prior to Panobi, Merci founded and continues to lead Women in Product, a global community fostering inclusivity among women in product management, design, and user research. This initiative underlines Merci's commitment to community building and collaborative empowerment. Her past roles, including Head of Growth at Slack and Director of Product Management at Gigwalk, showcase a track record of not just managing products but breathing life into them. Colleagues praise her exceptional ability to understand and direct software applications, coupled with an unusual knack for enabling teams and individuals to succeed. Merci is not just a CEO; she's a dynamic force shaping the future of product management and growth.

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