Michael Peck


Michael Peck

Former Senior Product Manager, Salesforce

Michael Peck is a Senior Product Manager at Adyen, where his core focus is to develop the process and culture to manage Adyen.com as a product while creating a long-term roadmap for its success. In his previous position, as a Senior Manager of Product Management at Salesforce, Michael was in charge of delivering a portfolio of Digital Experiences and Marketing Technology products globally through multiple dedicated engineering scrum teams.

Michael graduated from the Indiana University of Bloomington with a BA in Anthropology. He also attended the Kelley School of Business, earning a Master of Science degree in Information Systems. Michael has been working as a Consultant for over seven years, performing product and project delivery in Agile environments, digital transformation practice, and process improvement, before breaking into Product in 2016. Michael is described as an effective PM, who has a high ability to organize and make engineering language more accessible to stakeholders for better internal communication and collaboration.

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