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Peter Wu


Peter Wu

Principal Product Manager at Microsoft. Formerly at Facebook

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Peter Wu is a Product Leader with more than 20 years of experience building innovative products at major tech companies like Microsoft and Facebook. His product experience ranges from real-time services, big data platforms, to the latest AI-powered products and experiences. He started his career with start-ups and his initial focus was custom ERP solutions for the textile industry. He switched his focus to China’s Internet market as he saw huge opportunities, and built a friend's social network product in 2004. Then with the economic crisis, businesses had to cut down travel so he built an online meeting solution to help businesses conduct meetings online.

In 2007, Peter founded a new company that focused on building products to help people transform their digital photos into physical memories that can be shared (, and dominated the southern China market. As he aspired to build global products and make more impact, he joined Microsoft China in 2008 and led the operations of online service products such as Bing, Commerce Platform, and more. After mastering global-scale services, he built big data platform for Sharepoint Online and up-leveled the group’s data analytics capabilities.

Peter returned to the US in 2013 and further transformed Microsoft’s Office division to the big data era, and built the entire product line’s big data platform. Finally, he built Office 365’s Information Protection global product as well as for the U.S. government before joining Facebook in 2018. During his tenure at Facebook, he transformed Facebook’s data schema management system and empowered data analytics across apps. Furthermore, he led Facebook’s AI product development for Community Integrity and built AI products that helped to prevent harm on Facebook. He returned to Microsoft in 2020 and is currently a Principal Product Manager using cutting-edge AI tech to improve Productivity Search experiences.

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