Rawi Nanakul


Rawi Nanakul

Senior Product Manager, Amazon

Rawi is a Senior Product Manager with a passion for software. He is currently working on Reliability Maintenance and Engineering at Amazon building the next generation of enterprise asset management and computerized maintenance management system platforms. Previously he worked as a Product Manager for Amazon Transportation Services. He also launched and designed two new BI software programs internally all by himself. His first role with the company was as Business Intelligence Engineer, managing the largest Tableau Server at the company.

Rawi is also the Creative Director at Bokeh Box Media and the Founding Director of Art of Beer Invitational, a charity festival that hosts over 1,200 guests and promotes more than 50 vendors to their target markets. He has previously worked at Tableau Software as a Senior Product Consultant working with enterprise-level clients.

Rawi attended UC Davis for his Bachelor's degree, studying Psychology and Music, specializing in music neuroscience. He also earned a MAIS degree in Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Washington. Additionally, he is a Tableau Desktop and Server Qualified Associate.

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