Richard Giannetti


Richard Giannetti

Richard Giannetti is a Product Leader with experience across multiple industries including Consulting, FinTech, Sports Media, and Travel. Currently, he's a Senior Product Manager at DAZN building innovative TV experiences. Prior to DAZN, he was a Product Manager at Azimo, a FinTech startup company that has grown into one of the largest online Money Transfer companies in the UK. During his tenure at Azimo, he built product roadmaps to grow the Desktop user base through constant A/B testing.

Before joining Azimo, Richard held various roles around the Product world, such as Product Marketing in Prezi and Qubit. He started his career as an IT Consultant, with clients around the globe such as TRUE Telecom in Bangkok and Comscore in Washington D.C. He holds a Masters in Marketing and Business Administration and is currently living between London and Barcelona.

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