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Rupal Maheshwari


Rupal Maheshwari

Product Manager, Mindbody

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Rupal is a curious person who likes to explore new ideas and approaches. A couple of years ago, she found her passion in the Product Management space. Rupal is a people person and she loves to connect with people, understand their problems, and provide solutions to make their life easier. Currently, she is a Product Manager at Mindbody. Prior to this, Rupal was a UX Product Manager at Musafir Business.  She likes challenges as it gives her the opportunity to learn and be creative. Rupal pays attention to the details and enjoys delivering work that is of high impact. She is known for her systematic, methodical, and organized approach to Product. Outside of her professional endeavors, she is passionate about discovering new cultures, approaches, and perspectives. In her free time, Rupal enjoys reading and traveling to unexplored places.

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