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Sofia Jukelson

Product Leader at Google

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Sofia Jukelson is a seasoned Product Leader with over 13 years of experience in the ad tech and commerce industry. She is renowned for her user-centric approach and her ability to drive impactful results, consistently generating over $1 billion in incremental revenue through optimization and the development of cutting-edge products. Her proficiency as a full-stack B2B product manager allows her to build innovative AI applications, robust infrastructure, and user-friendly interfaces.

Throughout her career, Sofia has excelled in presenting complex concepts to large audiences, having delivered captivating speeches to over 1000 attendees at events such as Google Marketing Live. Fluent in four languages, she effortlessly connects with diverse audiences and fosters engagement and knowledge sharing. Sofia's remarkable achievements extend beyond her linguistic abilities. She has held key roles at Google, including Product Manager for Audiences, where she spearheaded the launch of a portfolio of over 1000 taxonomic audiences, such as Affinity, In-market, and Life Events, across various Google platforms.

Sofia's career has taken her across multiple regions, where she made significant contributions to global cross-media strategy and planning. She championed the creation of externalized reach planning tools, revolutionizing the way YouTube campaigns are executed. Sofia also played a vital role in launching and commercializing Google-built cross-media tools in more than 14 countries, solidifying her reputation as a dynamic and influential leader. Earlier in her career, Sofia managed successful brand strategy and operations transitions, calibrated key processes, and equipped branding organizations with robust reporting infrastructure.

Gifted with a unique combination of acumen, instinct, and tenacity, Sofia's exceptional qualities have garnered praise from colleagues and industry professionals. Her ability to translate complex data into actionable insights and revenue has set her apart as a top performer, earning the respect and admiration of her peers. Additionally, Sofia's leadership qualities and strong interpersonal skills have been recognized through her mentorship of junior team members and her ability to foster productive relationships across the organization.

Whether it's launching innovative products, driving revenue growth, or influencing strategic decisions, Sofia's expertise and achievements have solidified her position as a leading figure in the product management industry. Her dedication to user-centric solutions, coupled with her extensive experience and diverse skill set, make her a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for aspiring product managers and industry professionals alike.

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