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Suchit Ligade


Suchit Ligade

Senior Product Manager, Amazon

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Suchit Ligade is a Senior Product Manager working on Alexa Acoustic Event Detection at Amazon. He is the product owner of the sound detection algorithms that use Machine Learning to identify acoustic events. Before this, he was working on the AWS Silk TV browser as a Senior PM. During his over five years at Amazon, he has also worked on Kindle products and their integration within the Alexa system. Prior to joining Amazon, he was VP of Events and a Fellow at InSITE. He also spent some time as an Embedded Software Development Intern at IBM.

For his undergraduate studies, Suchit attended the University of Virginia. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and a near-perfect GPA. He later continued his education by earning an MBA at Georgetown University. His studies there were centered on Entrepreneurship.

Suchit really goes above and beyond to help those around him succeed, answering any question and giving feedback to guide them down the right path. Moreover, his critical thinking skills and persistent attitude help him to get things done and deliver on a successful end product.

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