Wren Ludlow


Wren Ludlow

Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Wren is a Principal Product Manager at Oracle who is passionate about building intelligent and game-changing products. He brings years of extensive experience to his position, specializing in marketing cloud, data visualization, and B2B cloud solutions. During his lucrative career, Wren has held Product managerial positions across the domains of IT & Services and Computer Software. As an Operations Specialist and subsequently a Program Manager for Adobe Experience Cloud, he has managed marketing operations including research, scheduling, agency relations, and workflow management. He is described as being a true marketing professional who excels in understanding customer needs and behaviors, internally and externally. With the help of a team, he has successfully managed dozens of marketing campaigns and projects. Later, as a Senior Product Manager at Sabre Corporation, Wren led the company’s efforts to increase the value of Sabre's ecosystem to travel agencies and unlock an untapped revenue opportunity. Today, at Oracle, his responsibilities include content creation, the email send engine, personalization features, along with preparing marketers for the future of B2B marketing. Moreover, on top of his professional and academic endeavors, Wren is a certified Scrum Product Owner. His expertise lies at the intersection of Product Management, Product Marketing, Software development, and Go-to-market. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

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