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Product Manager Certification™

Everything you need to deliver results in your first role. Because it’s not just about getting that first job. It’s about proving yourself in the first 90 days so you get to keep it.

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This PMC course led us through all the useful tools for different product phases, building a logical thinking method, and product mindset in a systematic way.

Yuchi Hsieh

Program Manager
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Start Your Career with Extra Support

With foundational learning, flexible scheduling, and hands-on experience with industry tools, the Product Manager Certification is designed specifically for students who have never held a job as a Product Manager.

But our goal isn’t just to teach you how to be a great Product Manager—it’s to help you become one. Which is why the PMC offers additional support for students, from mentorship with Product School experts to interview practice to resume prep with your instructor. All so that when you receive your certification, you have everything you need to land your first PM role.


How it Works

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I was surprised by how engaging and fun the class was. Through the exercises in class, I was able to start refining my experience into concrete ideas that could improve our product.

Natasha Rogen

Associate Product Manager

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Course Curriculum

Learn how to build digital products from end-to-end, lead cross-functional teams, bulletproof your resume, and prepare for interviews.

  • Product Strategy

  • Set Product Objectives

  • Identify Opportunities

  • Understand Customers and Problems

  • Create an Opportunity Hypothesis

  • Test an Opportunity Hypothesis

  • Define Product Requirements

  • Define Your Product Roadmap

  • Design Your Product

  • Develop Your Product

  • Market Your Product

  • Launch Your Product

  • Iterate and Reflect

  • Get Hired

  • Deliver and Present

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Choose the Course that Best Fits Your Learning Style—and Your Schedule

Our most flexible course option. Cover the basics with course reading and on-demand learning on your own time, and get into practical application and Q+A with your instructor during live online lectures. Choose between 2.5 hour sessions twice a week, or a full 6 hours once a week on Saturdays.

If you want to speed up the process or if your employer is sponsoring your course, try our full-time courses. You’ll cover all course concepts, group work, and final projects over the course of 5 days, spending 8 hours a day in each live session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2014, Product School has been on the cutting edge of Product Management education. Having certified thousands of Product Managers from around the world, we know exactly what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive and ever changing industry. Hiring managers are very familiar with Product School and recognize that our alumni have been trained by the very best.

Our courses are designed to ensure that both instructors and students can maintain their full-time jobs. You can select a 2 month part-time course on weeknights or weekends, or fast-track your education with an intensive, 5 day full-time course for a total of 32.5 hours of training.

Our instructors are real-world Product Leaders currently working at top Silicon Valley companies including Google, Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, Uber, and Amazon. As experienced professionals who build digital products for millions of people every day, they know exactly what it takes to get hired as a Product Manager and succeed in the role once you have it.

With an average of just 14 students per class, our class sizes are kept small enough to ensure that you’ll forge personal relationships with your instructor and peers. They’re also just big enough to ensure that you’ll benefit from learning alongside students with a broad range of professional backgrounds. We’re in the Goldilocks zone for Product Management training!

One of the main reasons why students rave about us is that our classes are hands-on from day 1. You will be using state-of-the-art tools, taking part in group exercises, discussing case studies, improving your resume and practicing mock interviews. By the end of the course, you will know how to build software products from end to end, lead cross-functional teams and land your next Product job or promotion.

All Product School courses are delivered live, online. You’ll be able to live-stream lectures, interact with your instructor and collaborate with your peers in real time from the comfort of your home. We offer cohorts optimized for all timezones to cater to students from all over the world.

No matter your professional background, we have the certification to fit your experience and goals. The Product Manager Certification (PMC) is for people from any professional background who have not yet worked in a PM role. The Senior Product Manager Certification (SPMC) is designed for people who currently have a Product Management job and are ready for their next promotion. The Product Leader Certification (PLC) is exclusively for experienced Product Managers with their eye on a top leadership role.

Yes – we offer fully customizable training for companies seeking to upskill their existing teams or onboard new talent. In-person or online, we’ll design a unique experience that fits your company’s needs and schedule no matter where you are in the world. Visit our corporate training page to learn more and speak to our enterprise team.

A career as a Product Manager puts you in one of the fastest growing professional positions in the world, with an average salary of US$140,000 a year according to Glassdoor.com. Your investment in a certification course with Product School starts from just $4,499*. We make payment easy with flexible installment plans from as little as $129 per month. **Upfront tuition price*

If you already know what certification you want to take and you’re ready to get started – enroll now. Or, if you have some questions and would like to chat with a member of our Admissions Team, schedule a call at a time that suits you.

It’s pretty simple; you complete the course, you study for as long as you need (we recommend taking it within 6 months of your course to make sure you retain the info), and then take an online, proctored exam. You can learn more about the exam and how to take it here.