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Building vs Buying Analytics

Drive growth with embedded analytics—a modern, streamlined approach to extract and analyze data. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Unlock the potential of big data to accelerate past competition
  • Give users a seamless platform experience, uninterrupted by imperfect analytics tools
  • Decide whether to build or buy your embedded analytics 

eBook Cover: Building vs Buying Analytics
What’s Inside "Building vs Buying Analytics"

An in-depth look into the benefits of embedded analytics solutions, and how to integrate them into your tech stack.

  • How digital transformation has accelerated across industries
  • Should firms build or buy their analytics capabilities?
  • Build or buy at a glance

  • The rising demand for high-quality Business Intelligence (BI)
  • The challenge of analyzing data with high detail, accuracy, and speed 
  • How Symbox found a solution that helped them compete against its biggest competitors

  • Equip users with cutting-edge analytics tools
  • Take more efficient action on user feedback

  • The company-wide benefits of cleaning up your data
  • Refocus your resources on creating value for end-users

  • Take the pressure off your developers
  • Upskill your Product Team
  • Give marketers high-value information about their target audience

Embedded Analytics is Good For Everyone

High-quality Business Intelligence (BI) holds the key to sustainable digital transformation and effective business growth. It upskills your team and frees up your resources so you can focus on creating value for end-users. Invest in it now for through-the-roof gains later.

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