Learn What it Takes to Get "Hired" as a Product Manager

In this eBook you´ll learn:

  • What the Product Management role actually looks like
  • Why now is the best time in history to build digital products
  • Everything you need to build an irresistible resume

What’s Inside the "Hired" Ebook from Product School

After years of working with and learning from today’s top Product Leaders, we’ve condensed their knowledge into this all-in-one guide to starting your PM career.

  • What Product Managers are/are not
  • Why Product Management? Why now?

  • The technical skills Product Managers need
  • Common transitions and how to do them
  • Preparing for the change to Product

  • What kind of Product Manager do you want to be?
  • The difference: PM at startups vs large corporations
  • Finding the job that’s right for you

  • Building a resume recruiters will notice
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn for PM job hunting
  • Red flags to look out for in job postings

  • Why start a side project?
  • How to kickstart a side project
  • How to showcase your side project on your resume

  • What to expect from the PM interview process
  • Crafting the perfect elevator pitch
  • Typical Product Management interview questions (and how to answer them)
  • The ultimate list of Product Management interview Questions

  • Salary negotiation
  • Transitioning to your new job
  • The 30-60-90-day plan

Not Technical? No Problem!

No matter your background, there has never been a better time to break into Product Management. You don’t need a CS degree. You don’t need an MBA. All you need is a passion for solving problems, and the drive to chase your dream job. 


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