Asaf Altagar


Asaf Altagar

Senior Product Manager, Salesforce

Asaf Altagar is a results-oriented product professional with over a decade of technological experience. He believes that a product approach should start with identifying the customer's needs and building everything around them. His vast experience is just part of the reason he is so good at truly understanding what the market is asking for and how to reshape a product around it. His innovation enables him to level up the products he works on and help them be as successful as they can.

Currently, Asaf is a Senior Product Manager at Salesforce. Before this, he spent time as a Senior PM at Incredibuild, Checkmarx, and Fyber. At Fyber he worked on their mobile SDK products while acting as the main Product Manager and owner of four different mobile development teams. He has also dabbled as an entrepreneur, co-founding and serving as Product Lead at his company GAMEin30.

Asaf attended The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo for his undergraduate studies. He finished his time there with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He also more recently refreshed his Data Science skills through a course with Coursera.

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