Proddys: Best Collaboration Product

Collaborating and online meetings have become a whole lot better thanks to the software created by GoToMeetingWith over 18 million active users per month, GoToMeeting’s web-hosted service is trusted by clients and business professionals across the globe. There are no signs of slowing down either as GoToMeeting has registered over 80 million conference calls since their inception in 2004, which makes it safe to say that people love what they get with this product.

So what exactly does GoToMeeting offer? Primarily, it is a state of the art web platform that includes numerous features that allow for online conferences with highly professional and comprehensive features. For starters, note taking is no longer a necessity with the transcripts that are recorded in real time, allowing for an experience that is more focused. In addition, customization of teams and group chats helps create an organized atmosphere that otherwise might be convoluted and lacking focus.  Finally, the sleek modern hardware that comes with purchasing the service creates an “out-of-the-box” video conferencing experience.  With all this combined, it is easy to see how users are able to close deals 20% faster with GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting offers three different packages for businesses of all sizes: Starter, Pro, or Plus. While the latter options have additional features, each package comes with 24/7 customer care, a minimum of 11 HD webcams, and unlimited meetings (amongst other useful tools).

GoToMeeting presents a platform that facilitates productivity, which is why they are able to maintain such a high reputation. This “cutting the fat” out of meetings contributes to the essential nature of streamlining the success of a company. That being said, it is vital for aspiring PMs (or anyone concerned with their productivity levels) to consider how they manage their communication networks. For those who are in need of an immediate answer, GoToMeeting is the service to subscribe to.


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