Proddys: Best Consumer & News Product

It is no wonder that Medium walked away with the proverbial blue ribbon for Best Consumer Product. Reaching over 86 million monthly users, Medium touts itself as a platform made for people rather than advertising. Rather than focusing on pageviews, they aim to provide quality through original ideas that create a clean reading experience for users. After just one visit to their website, there is no doubt that they are fulfilling their mission.

Medium also allows readers to emphasize the topics they care most about, which gives their browsing experience a personal touch. Furthermore, users have the option to access even more fresh and innovative content by upgrading to a member of the Medium community. Access to this one of a kind platform not only speaks for itself but also has a multitude of user testimonials that back up the hype.

From culture to tech and politics, Medium has topics for nearly everyone. The thought-provoking articles contain insightful knowledge that is not only pertinent to current generations but for future ones as well. So whether one is curious about how geopolitical issues will shape up in 2069, or what robots can do to battle global pollution, Medium is the clear cut answer on the place to be for unique and informative articles.


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