Proddys: Best Health & Fitness Product

The founders of Ada have a clear a direct mission: create an app that puts free AI-powered healthcare in the hands of everyone. After working closely with doctors, scientists, and engineers, Ada has gone above and beyond with respects to their medical library. Ada also makes health inquiries an easy process by asking simple, straight-forward questions that facilitate thorough and accurate responses that point patients towards a correct diagnosis. This Proddy winner is truly moving the needle in a positive direction and is an exemplary model of how to provide a service that all can use.

Ada is equipped with extremely sophisticated artificial intelligence, which supports clinical decision making. Because of the simplicity and comprehensive intelligence of the app, Ada is the number one medical app in over 130 countries. Consumers are able to have confidence in the app’s guidance and advice, which will further help reduce the gap in healthcare inequality.

Ada is healthcare that is truly accessible for everyone because it is a completely free app. Furthermore, there are no pesky pop-ups on ads that could distract from obtaining an accurate diagnosis. So how do they make money? Its simple: Ada partners with government institutions as well as other stakeholders where they have raised over 40 million pounds. Because of this, Ada is able to fight for what they believe in, and deliver a product that can genuinely save lives.

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Learning to use advanced technology and practices will inevitably lead to a huge library of solutions. It is for this reason that companies like Ada are so crucial within today’s society. The shaping of future healthcare will likely depend on advancements such as these, which in turn may have the power to change the course of society.


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