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Let us be frank, customers can be very demanding (as is there right as customers!), and sometimes experts are needed to help manage their needs and requests. This is where Zendesk comes in to save the day. Zendesk has been perfecting user experience for over a decade, and have established themselves as the experts in connecting with the needs customers. And as all Product Managers are keenly aware of, positive and communicative experiences with one’s userbase are essential for the vitality of the business and the product they are presenting.

Two men shaking hands over a positive customer experience

The elite service that Zendesk offers, however, is not the sole reason they are the champions in this Proddy category. Rather, Zendesk was able to walk away with our top prize for their second-to-none marketing and sales strategy. What this has resulted in is an eye-popping amount of growth since their inception in 2007. With customers in over 160 countries and 40 plus languages supported, Zendesk is a global superstar in the customer experience world. This volume of trusted customers shows that the marketing and sales employed by Zendesk are not the typical antiquated strategies that are so often overused, but rather a multifaceted machine that resonates with a diverse audience.

Coworkers shaking hands at a business meeting.

There are also 125 thousand paid accounts registered with Zendesk, with more being added on a daily basis. For future PMs, Zendesk is an ideal example of how communication with customers (and team members) optimizes positive outcomes.

All in all, it boils down to customer happiness, and not just for Zendesk, but rather for all businesses who have something to sell. If the experience proves to be positive, then growth in all departments is far more likely to occur.

For further insight on how to communicate with users, head over to our post, “How to Talk to Customers and Users“. Mastering these techniques could very well end up being your “secret sauce” for success.

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