Words of Wisdom from #ProductCon Seattle 2019

On June 25th, 2019, we welcomed over 1000 Product Managers in Seattle for the world’s largest Product Management conference. Our 9 speakers from top tech companies shared their wisdom on everything Product Management. We gathered a few quotes and posted them here so their wisdom can live on!

Gibson Biddle – Netflix

In 2005, Gibson Biddle joined Netflix as VP of Product. In 2010, he became Chief Product Officer of Chegg, a textbook rental company that went public in 2014. Today, he’s an adviser for multiple consumer tech companies and teaches entrepreneurship at Stanford.

At #ProductCon Seattle, Gibson talked about Netflix’s Customer Obsession, here are a few of his quotes:

Gibson Biddle talking

“It’s all about building a brand with hard to copy margins”

Leslie Grandy – Discovery

Leslie Grandy is an experienced Product Leader with a proven track record of delivering innovative consumer experiences and building scalable products and businesses. During her career of 20+ years, Leslie has both led teams and been an advisor to executives in the media, telecom and retail industries. 

Leslie talked about Building High Performing Product Teams at #ProductCon Seattle. Check out some of her insights:

Leslie Grandy talking at ProductCon

“What do you stand for?
You should be thinking about:

1. Team Values/Tenets
2. Personal responsibilities
3. Ethics and standards
4. Character & culture”

Suhas Manangi – Lyft

Suhas Manangi is a tech security expert passionate about keeping digital identities safe. Based in Redmond, WA he’s worked as a security Product Manager for some of the biggest names in tech. Microsoft and Lyft are among the companies who have trusted him to keep their data and customer identity secure.

The topic of his #ProductCon Seattle presentation was KPIs to Facilitate ‘Fail Fast, Learn and Iterate’. Read some of his talking points below:

Suhas Manangi talking at ProductCon

Nitin Bhat – Smartsheet

Nitin Bhat is a Senior Director of Product Management at Smartsheet where he is leading the Enterprise, Gov cloud, and insight verticals. His past Product Management stints include such companies as Azure, Microsoft AI, AWS, Amazon.com, and Intel.

At #ProductCon, Nitin discussed Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Product Management. Read on to hear his perspective!

Nitin Bhat  talking at ProductCon

“Machine Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence that learns from data, patterns, and trends without specifically programming it to do so. It’s a generic algorithm that adapts itself based on the data.”

Pooja Ghera – Amazon Alexa

Pooja Ghera is about all things digital. She is an experienced Product Manager who has worked with both Microsoft and Amazon. Pooja has also launched her own side project, a mobile travel app, on Android and iOS. She led the ideation, development, and launch effort and had more than 50K downloads in 3 weeks!

At #ProductCon, Pooja was explaining how to do Impactful Product Expansion. Check out her quotes!

Pooja Ghera talking at ProductCon

Prachi Wadekar – Amazon

Prachi Wadekar is a certified Software Product Manager who enjoys problem-solving and building products while collaborating with diverse teams. Along with customer focus, being humble, building trust and empathy across product, engineering and design teams is very important to her.

During #ProductCon, Prachi was talking to us about why Betas are a Winning Product Launch Strategy. Read her insights below:

Prachi Wadekar  talking at ProductCon

Tony Pagliocco – Boeing

Tony Pagliocco has 18 years experience in Engineering and Product Management in Digital Media, Market Research, Aerospace, and Gaming. He spent some time playing poker and magic while also working at Wizard of the Coast, leading PM competitive gaming account, prize payment, and global ranking tools. Currently, Tony is a Manager of a PM team in AIMS at Boeing.

Here’s what he had to say about Expectation Management for Product Managers:

Tony Pagliolo talking at ProductCon

A good Product Manager masters the art of empathy. Live in the shoes of the person you are performing Expectation Management on, just for 5 minutes!”

Ria Sankar – Microsoft

Ria Sankar is a Group Product Manager leading Analytics for Ethics and AI for Good initiatives within Microsoft. Her mission is to build respectful experiences that embody timeliness human values and interact in an intuitive and human-centered way to build user confidence. 

For her #ProductCon discussion, she talked to us about Building a Data Driven Culture. Read more below:

Ria Sankar  talking at ProductCon

To be agile and innovative in design, it’s important to recognize that the answer might not always lie in existing data – it sometimes comes from generating new data by engaging with your customer in the real world.

Ruben Lozano – Google

Ruben Lozano is a Product Manager with an engineering (Tec de Monterrey) and a business degree (MIT) who champions customer needs that are usually forgotten or easily dismissed by others. He’s worked at companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Ruben is excited when he is able to move from strategic thinking to deep dives with experts on the psychology of the diverse users, the details of the cutting-edge technologies, and the multiple interpretation of the data insights.

His topic at #ProductCon was about the Scientific Method of Experimentation. Check out his tips below:

Ruben Lozano talking at ProductCon

“I’m confident you, or many people you know, say that they deeply knew the results of the 2016 election. So they feel they are good at making predictions, but they are not. We are not. The same happens with product. We don’t always know.”

Ruben Lozano quote

#ProductCon New York 2019

We were sad to say goodbye to all the awesome Product Managers in Seattle, but luckily were bring the show to New York on September 10th! You can reserve your seat now with a big discount.

Thanks again to all the Product People of Seattle and to our speakers who donated their time to help us grow. Until next time!

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