Celebrating 6 Years of Driving the Product Community Forward

A Letter from Our CEO, Carlos González De Villaumbrosia

Six years ago this month, my brother and I were sitting in a small coworking space in San Francisco, and we had an idea: We would train the next generation of Product Leaders and help passionate product people accelerate their career growth.

Entrepreneurs out there will know that starting a business is NEVER easy. But the one thing that has ALWAYS been a delight is this community. This incredible group of product people who are always interested in learning, growing, supporting each other and experiencing the thrill of creating something new.

group of diverse people learning from home

That this has been a hard year is an understatement. We are all facing challenges of a kind and scale we have never seen before. Lives, businesses and careers have been turned upside down. But as I look around at this community, I see a group of people who are, as always, ready to adapt, to iterate, and to overcome whatever uncertainty the world throws at us. 

It’s been a privilege to serve this community and we look forward to continuing to do so far many years to come! Here’s a quick look back at some of the things we have accomplished together over the last six years, and the recent changes we have made to keep Product School on the cutting edge:

In 2020, We Moved 100% Online

Our industry leading certification courses taught by the top Product Managers in the world are now available for you no matter where you live! As the workplace moved online in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided it was finally time to become a digital first education company. The same great courses, industry leading certificates, interaction, networking and mentorship – everything you have come to know and love from us, available from the comfort of your home!

The Product School Community Reaches One Million Members!

Yes, you read that right! There are now one million people who read our content and participate in conversations across our LinkedIn, Slack, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and other platforms. If you’re reading this, it means that you are a part of the largest Product community the world has ever seen – congratulations!

product management certificate

New Certificate Paths to Stay on the Cutting Edge

To keep Product School as relevant and useful as possible in today’s fast-changing world, we have updated our certificate career path. There are now three levels of certificate to choose from depending on the next step you want to take in your career:

  • Get your first PM job: Product Management Certificate
  • Get your next PM promotion: Product Leader Certificate
  • Advance to the C-suite: Product Executive Certificate
Carlos on ProductCon stage

ProductCon Remains the Largest Event in the Product World!

Although we had to move ProductCon online this year, it didn’t stop it from continuing to be the largest Product event in the world! Our five annual ProductCon events are typically held in London, San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Chicago, and together they reach 100,000 online and in person attendees. This year, we’re doing it all online. Next year, we’re back in person! 

Our Speakers and Instructors Remain at the Top of their Field

Students know that Product School instructors are not simply teachers, they are active Product Leaders currently making decisions that impact the lives of millions. If you learn with us or attend one of our thousands of annual events, you will learn directly from a Product Manager currently working at one of the most successful firms in the world. When you meet and learn from a PM who is currently building products at places like Google, Facebook, Netflix and Amazon, you’ll understand what it actually takes to achieve your goals as a PM in the real world.

Our Free Resources Are Getting Love from Across the Internet

In the name of pushing the Product Community forward, we make our books including Launch, Ship It, Product Mindset and The Product Book 100% free to download and read! Our other free content including The Product Podcast and our blog grows in popularity day by day, with glowing reviews on platforms like Product Hunt, and write-ups in mainstream media including Forbes.com! Alongside this content, we continue to recognize the most innovative and exciting products created by this community with the Proddys awards!

On behalf of all of us at Product School, I just want to say THANK YOU for making all of this possible. We do this for YOU, and cannot wait to bring you many more years of Product growth!

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia

CEO at Product School

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