How to Create Experience Products by Logitech Product Manager

Experience products are hard to deliver. The user, the channel and the use must be clearly defined to provide the best possible first approach to the product.

Learn with Gaurav Bradoo, Global PM at Logitech, how to answer those initial key questions. User insights must feed your buy, setup, use and support phases: for instance, everything from delivery to packaging must be up to the standard you aim to offer customers.

Gaurav Bradoo’s Bio

gaurav-product-schoolGaurav Bradoo is a Global Product Manager at Logitech; working across hardware, software and cloud, on connected home security. Prior to working at Logitech, his work experience spanned multiple countries and disciplines, as an electrical engineer and management consultant in New Zealand followed by being a product designer with projects across the US and India.


Product Experience Lessons at Every Development Phase

How do we create experience products? According to Gaurav,  there are multiple questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on this challenge. Your target market, distribution networks or even “unpacking” experience can heavily determine your product’s character. There are many factors involved in user experience. Gaurav reflected on the key lessons for each product phase: Buy, Setup, Use and Support.

Create Experience Products with Gaurav Bradoo

  • “Create easy and reliable channels for the user to engage with you”.
  • Making connected hardware is hard.

User Experience Questions

Key learnings for PM in the BUY phase:

  • Purchase drivers might not be the same as usage drivers.
  • Package the product specifically for the channel of sale.

Key learnings for PM in the SETUP phase:

  • The unboxing should be an exciting experience for your customer.
  • The Setup guide must necessarily encourage users to download the digital app.

Key learnings for PM in the USE phase:

  • Remember: connected products mean constant improvement.
  • Multi-modal experiences can help you reach users wherever they are.

Key learnings for PM in the SUPPORT phase:

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