Join The New Year’s Product Challenge 2022 πŸŽ‰

So, you’ve decided to make 2022 your year? Well look no further!

We’re giving you the gift of time. 7 days, precisely. 7 days to learn, to reflect, and to make a commitment to your career in Product.

This challenge is designed to help you become a better Product person, in your own way and in your own time. Challenge yourself to make space every day for a little bit of learning and see what an impact it can have.

How It Works

Step 1: Share your intentions on social media, and nominate someone to join you. Don’t forget to use #ProductChallenge!

Step 2: Save the date! We’ll be kicking off this community challenge on Monday January 24th 2022. Follow us on Instagram for daily prompts.

Step 3: Get the calendar.

Step 4: Complete each daily task (check below for details and suggestions for each day).

New Year's Product Challenge

Day 1: Grab a Copy of a PM Book

Books are a great way to learn new things, and many actually find it a meditative experience. So today, stop the scrolling and find your next great read.

Luckily, there are a whole bunch of amazing books for Product Managers out there! Many of them even come in the form of free eBooks.

If you need some help choosing, we’ve hand picked a few for you here. Get your copy now, and make some time over the next week to go through a few pages every day. Read these books if you want…

…to up your general PM knowledge

The Product Book by Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia and Josh Anon

…to change your perspective on design

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman

…to become a better leader

STRONG product people by Petra Wille

Strong Product People by Petra Wille

…to be more data-driven

The Product Analytics Economy

Day 2: Join An #AskMeAnything Session

Wouldn’t you love to sit down with your Product idol and pick their brain about anything that’s on your mind? That’s basically what our #AskMeAnything (#AMA) sessions are all about.

Product Leaders from awesome companies generously donate their time to answer your questions, in real time.

Wanting some advice on how to transition from Engineering to Product? Got a sticky situation with a stakeholder that you’d like a second opinion on? Or are you looking for recommendations of areas to upskill to get that next promotion?

Your task for Day 2, is to either join today’s session, or sign up for one in the future.

Check our upcoming events to see when the next #AMA is coming up (look for the events called Live Chat), and then make sure you’re in the #AMA channel of our Slack community. (Not in the community yet? Here’s your invitation!)

TOP TIP: Once you know which guest will be joining the #AMA, do a little research on them. See if there’s anything they’re particularly experienced in that you’d like to learn more about. Maybe they made the same career transition that you’re aiming to make, or they build the same type of product as you.

*Please note that this is a text-based event, not a livestream.*

Day 3: Listen to a PM Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to learn on the go!

If you’re looking for advice on your product career, our latest podcast season all about careers is the one for you! We also have some great episodes for those looking to become a better leader.

Or why don’t you dive right in and check out our best episodes of 2021?

Maybe you’re already a seasoned fan of The Product Podcast and you’re looking for something fresh. Here’s our list of recommendations!

Day 4: Learn Something New From an Expert Talk

Imagine a kind of virtual college, where there are endless lectures from Product experts at every kind of company that you can imagine. The list of topics is too long to read, and you can drop in and out of whichever talk you want to listen to, whenever you want.

Such a place exists, if you know where to look!

Today, your task is to think of something you want to learn more about, be it data, design, leadership, strategic thinking…or anything else you fancy!

Dive right in with some of these, or head to our YouTube channel for more inspiration.

TOP TIP: Keep a notebook to hand, and jot down the insights that you find the most helpful. Some speakers recommend further resources, and if you make a note of them you’ll remember to check them out.

We’ve made a playlist of our Best Product Talks of 2021, check them out for inspiration.

Day 5: Do Something Fun With Your Team

It’s time to get away from the screen (or at least get away from work) and spend some quality time with your team.

If you’re a team leader, maybe organize an hour of team-building. It could be an activity if your teammates enjoy more organized fun, or just ‘grab a coffee and have a chat.’ There are plenty of games that can be played together via smartphones (at Product School we went through an Among Us phase.)

Perhaps your company already has something like this in place that you’ve been avoiding, or not made time for. Now’s the time to re-join the fold!

It could be as easy as picking your favorite teammate (we shouldn’t have them, but we all do!) and spend half an hour catching up!

If you don’t have a team right now, for whatever reason, take this opportunity to do a bit of networking in your communities. (We even have a channel in our Slack community especially for networking!)

Connecting with your teams or with the wider Product community, helps you to remember what you’re working towards when times get tough, and can open up all kinds of doors for opportunity.

Day 6: Do Your Own Personal Retrospective

‘Treat yourself like a product’ is very common advice in Product Management. And as a Product Manager you should be very familiar with retrospectives by now! But have you ever run one on yourself?

In our careers, it’s all too easy to look forwards, but never back. We think about what we want in the future, without thinking about where we’ve been. That means it’s easy to focus on the steps we haven’t taken yet, without celebrating the ones we already have.

Your task for today is to take this retrospective template, and perform your very own Year in Review. In it, you’ll find everything you need to reflect, and to celebrate your successes as well as recognize your failures.

We recommend that you take about 45 minutes to complete today’s task. But don’t worry, we won’t be checking your homework!

Dive right into the template on Coda, Notion, or MURAL.

Day 7: Set Your Intentions

Now that you’ve looked back, it’s time to look forward! Wrap up your week by thinking about what you want from the future.

Did one of the podcasts ignite a deep desire to learn about data that you never knew you had? Or perhaps your networking has opened up some new opportunities that you’d really like to pursue.

Set your intentions for the year ahead, and focus on achievable goals that’ll get you closer to your ultimate goal. If you haven’t got an ultimate goal yet, that’s OK too! Just think about the best version of your life and decide which steps will get you there.

TOP TIP: Try asking yourself questions as if you were in an interview. Where would I like to work by the end of the year? Who would I like to meet? What courses would I like to take?

Feel free to keep your intentions to yourself by writing them down in a notebook or in the notes app of your phone. Or share them with us! If you share them on social media make sure to use #ProductChallenge and tag us @ProductSchool, to share your goals with the community.

New Year's Product Challenge

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