How to Prepare for Your New Role as a Product Manager

In this talk, Tony Pagliocco illustrates how a new product manager can find their groove, what strategies they should implement and how they can plan for the future.

Tony Pagliocco

Tony has 17 years of experience in multiple areas of technical product management, digital media, web development, software engineering, and organizational leadership. He has successfully led teams to improve engineering processes, deliver quality digital products, manage a global product roadmap and develop a technical organizational strategy. He has experience in the areas of digital product design, research, analysis, development, metric reporting and go to market strategy.

Tony Pagliocco

What to Do Before Starting a New Product Role

Find your groove

  • NetworkNetworkNetwork.
  • Identify the players, the politicians, the problem children, and more actors.
  • Find some quick wins early on, look for opportunities and seize them.
  • Get involved, show your other side, a human side.
  • Remember change is difficult, be gentle.
  • Have open conversations with your boss about your goals and expectations.

What to look for

  • Keep your eyes and ears open for long standing problems.
  • Even though you know the org chart, learn the hierarchy.
  • Opportunities that have multi channel benefit (networking, leadership, volunteering).
  • People have different backgrounds and experiences, embrace them.
  • Always be self aware of when to change gears.

Planning for the future

  • Visualize the next year, 2 years, and beyond – where do you want to be?
  • Have a roadmap of goals you want to hit, but be flexible.
  • Know when to take and know when to give.
  • Like any good product manager, look down the road for opportunities, changes – think of knowing about iPhones 2 years in advance.
  • You control what happens next – even if it does not seem like it.

Tony concludes by advising that no product manager should think that something is out of their control. He explains that almost every scenario is under control and can be changed according to the desired outcome.

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