How to Solve Your Customers’ Problems with Your Product by eBay Group PM

As a child, Rosa González (now a Group Product Manager at eBay) would sell cassettes, setting her up for a career in Product. She highlights what seller goals are, what selling basics every product manager should be aware of, and lists three keys to solve customers’ problems.

From Cassettes to Cross-Functional Leadership: Rosa González

Rosa González Welton is a Product Leader with more than fifteen years of experience building and growing global businesses. She has wide experience with Marketplaces, eCommerce, Strategic Planning, Cross-Functional Leadership, Trust, Safety, Identity, Pricing, Recommendations, Data Analysis, A/B Testing, Customer Retention, Acquisition, Growth, Dashboards, and User Research.

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An Approach to Offering Pricing Guidance

Seller Goals 

  1. Get it sold 
  2. Make the most money 
  3. Keep it easy 

Selling Basics

  1. Describe it
  2. Make it visible
  3. Price it right

Pricing Guidance

Three keys to help solve your customer’s problem:

  1. Learn your customer’s mental model – We use different words when selling a house, a used car, or negotiating a job offer.
  2. Combine machine smarts with people smarts 
  3. One size does not fit all

1. Learn your customer’s mental model 

  • Research findings 
  • Similarity matters – a lot 

Sellers don’t want to leave money on the table, but they don’t want to wait too long for a sale.

2. Combine machine smarts with people smarts 

  • Apply Machine Learning models 
  • Past transaction data 
  • Current market pricing 
  • Key product aspects
  • Recognize how people make decisions 
    • Endowment effect 
    • Social Proof 
    • Anchoring 

3. One size does not fit all 

Use different proof points for hot items.

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