Top Product Leaders of 2021

Those working in Product Management are often the unsung heroes of the tech industry. They keep the wheels of development turning, act a barrier between their teams and the chaos that could send them spiralling, and make sure the customer is always the #1 priority at any table.

Just like its predecessor, 2021 was a rollercoaster year, full of unknowns and new territories. So we’ve decided to celebrate the Top Product Leaders of 2021, the heroes of the industry who got their teams and their products through it!

What Does It Take to Be a Top Product Leader?

A Top Product Leader is more than just someone who holds an impressive job title at a cool company. They’re someone who uplifts everyone they work with, breaks down barriers and crushes silos. They’re someone who has worked hard to get to where they are, have a true and evident passion for all things product, and help make our industry the powerhouse of talent that it is.

These Product Leaders are also a testament to the fact that it that it takes more than one type of person to build products. They come from all different types of backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences, proving that all paths lead to Product.

A Top Product Leader is also someone who uplifts others, whether through teaching, speaking at events, or even simply by being a mentor for their teams. As well as building their products, they build the future of the Product Management industry.

Who Are Our Top Product Leaders of 2021?

While the Product world is stacked with amazing professionals, we had to whittle it down to our top 20. Check out the full list right here

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