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Twitter Fleets Arrives

You may have noticed something a little different on your Twitter homepage today. If so, you’re one of the lucky few who get to test out a new feature, ‘Fleets’. You’re also probably in Brazil, where the company has launched the first tests.

Similar to the Stories feature adopted by other platforms, Fleets won’t be able to receive likes or shares, and will only be available for a limited time. To see them, you’ll have to visit someone’s profile and tap to view.

What’s in the name? ‘Fleets’ represents how ‘fleeting’ their existence is.

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Image Credit: TechCrunch/Twitter

So far the feature has received mixed reviews, with TechCrunch hoping to see some personalization for the end-users, where they are shown their close friend’s Fleets before others. Others have already started to criticize Twitter for launching a feature no one asked for, but failing to provide the Edit button they’re been calling out for.

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At any rate, it could be a step in the right direction for Twitter, which has become the center of online call-out culture, with many people afraid to post their opinions on anything serious in tweets which could resurface later. The impermanence of Fleets could help to generate more content.

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International Women’s Day: Celebrating Tech’s Fierce Females

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From Katherine Johnson who helped send us to space in the 1950s, to Susan Wojcicki who sits at the top of video giant, YouTube, women have been leading the way in tech. This International Women’s Day, we wanted to use our platform to help amplify the voices of the women powering product.

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Quibi Announces Launch Lineup

Binge-watchers rejoice! Short-form video streaming platform, Quibi, has announced what viewers will have available to them at launch next month.

Among the most highly anticipated are ‘Most Dangerous Game’ starring Liam Hemsworth, and ‘Chrissy’s Court’, where Chrissy Teigen presides (Judge Judy Style) over a small-claims court.

As a response to society’s ever-shortening attention span, Quibi’s content will be optimized for mobile, with each episode lasting around 10 minutes. Using Turnstyle tech, the content will be able to switch seamlessly between landscape and portrait.

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While Quibi probably won’t be a serious competitor for long-form content streaming services, Katzenburg’s hope is that it will replace other time-consuming apps such as Instagram and YouTube.

So far Quibi has raised $1.75 billion in funding, despite not yet having launched. Faith seems to be high that founder Jeffrey Katzenburg and CEO Meg Whitman might really pull off something big.

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