5 Meetup Groups Product Managers In The Bay Area Should Join

If you are looking to get into the product management space or looking to network with other product managers, MeetUps are a great way to do so. Here are the top 5 product related Meetup groups in the Bay Area.


Product Therapy Weekly at The Port Workspaces


Product Therapy Weekly is an event hosted at The Port Workspaces. This event operates as a forum for people looking for feedback on their product. Participants bring their product dilemmas, issues, challenges, and conflicts about any stage of managing, launching, scaling products, as well as the internal issues of cross-functional politics and communications to maintain, sustain and grow the product. Discussions happen as a group to identify solutions and opportunities to assist participants to move forward.


Product Management Fast Trak


The Product Management Fast Trak enables product managers to share and gain knowledge from each other. They host events every Wednesday typically with a discussion of product management best practices on topics such as Prototyping, Transitioning to Product Management, Public Speaking tips, and more! These MeetUps are a great way to stay up to date on the newest PM tools in the industry as well as network with other PMs.


Products That Count


Products That Count is a forum for product makers, data-minded thinkers and innovators rich of 7,000+ tech professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Every month, 200+ members gather to hear a Silicon Valley insider like the founder of Trulia, the CMO of Lyft, or the head of Facebook mobile. Twice a year, we produce the leading conference in product design, called Manifesto. Their partners include innovative tech companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Salesforce, and Yelp.




OpenTechSchool is a community initiative offering free programming workshops and meetups to technology enthusiasts of all genders, backgrounds, and experience levels. It supports volunteer coaches in setting up events by taking care of the organizational details, encouraging coaches to create original teaching material. This material is then openly shared online and can be further developed by contributions from the global OTS community. OTS’ main goal is to create a friendly learning environment where no one feels shy about asking any question. Everyone is invited to participate, whether as a coach or a learner, and get in contact to organize OTS events anywhere in the world.


Lean Product & Lean UX Silicon Valley


This group is for people interested in applying Lean Startup, Lean UX, and Agile principles to design and develop products that customers love. This group is for product managers, designers, developers, analysts, marketers and others that are passionate about learning and applying the latest tools and techniques to deliver great products. They have events such as “How To Build Habit Forming Products”, “The Lean Product Playbook”, “How to Innovate with Rapid Prototyping..”, etc.

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