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Abed Kasaji

Co-Founder, Anecdote

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Abed Hussein, the Co-Founder at Anecdote, has over a decade of strategic product management experience. Before this, Abed served as a Senior Product Manager at Meta (formerly Facebook) in London, contributing to the global tech giant's innovative endeavors.

Abed's extensive expertise also includes a noteworthy 4-year stint at Careem, based in Dubai, where he held the position of Senior Product Manager for the AI and Machine Learning Platform. During his tenure, Abed was pivotal in shaping and nurturing a startup culture within the larger organization, fostering a customer-centric and scalable vision. Colleagues commend Abed for his impact on Careem's machine-learning platform team, highlighting his ability to bring strategic vision, transparency, and efficiency to the group.

With a track record of success in influential roles and commendations from colleagues, Abed is recognized for his transformative leadership and contributions to AI and Machine Learning platforms in the tech industry.

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