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Abhi Kumar

Product Area Lead, Spotify

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Abhi Kumar is currently a Product Area Lead at Spotify where he orchestrates product strategy and provides inspiring leadership to the innovative Speak Team. His contribution is instrumental in bringing the world's most expressive and lifelike AI-powered voices to over half a billion Spotify users, marking one of Spotify's most significant product launches. Abhi is also the Speak’s Trust & Safety Representative at Speak and is a lead for Spotify's flagship product: The AI DJ, which is powered by Generative AI.

With a strong academic background, Abhi studied Data Science at the prestigious University of Oxford, where he built a foundation in Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). His deep understanding of machine learning, cloud computing, and robotics shines through his practical knowledge. In addition to his academic achievements, Abhi earned a Master's in Chemistry from the University of Southampton, where he delved into the world of modeling cancer drugs on supercomputers and the synthesis of small terabyte hard drives. Furthermore, he honed his software engineering skills at Makers, Europe's top coding boot camp, where he specialized in full-stack web development, embracing test-driven development, pair programming, and a commitment to best practices. Abhi Kumar's remarkable journey and diverse expertise make him a captivating figure in the world of product management and an inspiring presence at Spotify.

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