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Abhiram Moturi


Abhiram Moturi

Senior Product Manager, Amazon

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Abhiram is a Product Manager with specialties in Engineering, Technology, Software, and Product Management. Currently, he’s a Senior Product Manager at Amazon, starting the Prime Video Accessibility Program with a goal of making Prime Video the best streaming service for users of all abilities, and working on increasing awareness and understanding of accessibility and establishing scalable mechanisms org-wide. At the same time working on product improvements like audio descriptions and UX changes to make Prime Video more accessible. For the past 6 years, Abhiram has been an Illustrator at Yale Daily News, the oldest student newspaper in the United States. Prior to his current position, Abhiram was an Intern at Amazon, analyzing the cloud cost management industry, proposed product features, and business case to monetize AWS cost management products, adding $180MM in revenue by 2020 to Amazon. Additionally, he performed customer studies and designed a new cloud taxonomy to map AWS costs, expected to reduce customer complaints filed by 30%, saving $200K annually, and supports integrating 3rd party IT and AWS costs. Abhiram gained Software experience while working at Oracle, where he proactively identified an opportunity for growth in the mobile market and led a four-member cross-functional team to revive acquired Sun Microsystems mobile software; secured buy-in from senior management. His educational background includes a Master of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the California Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration from Yale University.

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