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Abigail Gray

Director of UX, Google

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Abigail is an experienced and passionate UX Designer, who has worked for leading companies such as AOL and Northwestern Mutual. Currently, she is a Director of UX Design at Google, successfully leading cross-functional teams to improve Google Ads. Before she moved to Google she had a lucrative career, taking on roles as leading UX Manager in several companies. The most recent was her position as the Head of Design at Northwestern Mutual. There she was in charge of all UX and product design. She succeeded in facilitating incredible growth of the company and introducing a new mentality towards design. For each organization she leads, Abigail has helped to achieve transformative success. This is possible because she has an incredible set of skills that make her a champion of user-centered design practices, strategic thinking, and communication. Her teammates praise Abigail’s ability to inspire them through her engaging personality. She can listen to her Juniors and mentor them to fully contribute towards the success of her team. Her career was not always set to move into UX as Abigail started her career studying Architecture, holding degrees from borth Harvard and Columbia University. She had a keen interest in digital graphic design and worked as an Assistant Professor teaching architecture students and as a Freelancer Designer. 

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