Adithya Palacode Krishnamurthy


Adithya Palacode Krishnamurthy

Senior Product Manager at Zalando. Formerly at Amazon

Adithya Palacode Krishnamurthy is a Senior Product Manager who has been building products at Zalando for almost two years. He previously worked as a PM at HappyFox, specifically on their helpdesk product. Before that, he was a Catalog Lead at Amazon, working across marketplaces to drive expansion. Throughout his career, he has always made sure to put the customer first in order to create compelling solutions for their problems and pain points.

According to those who have had the pleasure of working alongside Adithya, he is a powerful force in the world of Product Management. He consistently goes above and beyond to make both his customers and stakeholders happy. He also has a great eye for detail and is a creative problem solver.

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