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Akriti Aggarwal

Senior Product Manager, Amazon

Akriti Aggarwal started off her career as a Software Engineer in 2014 after graduating from the Laxmi Devi Institute of Engineering and Technology with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. She then worked as a Product Owner at the same company for two years before moving on to become a Product Engineer at the cybersecurity software company, ColorTokens. After that, she decided to complete a Master's in Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University's Silicon Valley campus.

While completing her studies Akriti took a job as a PM at Emirates within their Innovation Lab at CMU. After working in that role for a few months, she went to Audible, where she worked as a PM Intern while finishing her studies. After graduating she took her first full-time PM job at Omaze, working to expand their fundraising platform globally. Now she is working as a Senior Product Manager at Amazon.

Akriti has been applauded by colleagues for her diligence, focus, and ability to stay calm in high-pressure situations. She is a results-oriented product leader that knows how to bring together her whole team to reach a common goal. She doesn't hesitate to go above and beyond to ensure her work is the best it can be for both her company and its users.

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