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Alexey Rybak

Product Leader at Meta

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Alexey Rybak is a product professional focused on helping his customers express themselves and connect with a strong social presence by building tools that allow them to do so. He is currently a Product Manager at Meta working on Metaverse People at Reality Labs. Before this, he worked as a PM at Facebook Gaming, where he helped game developers to build a community on the platform.

Prior to that, he worked for almost three years at MetaArcade. He started off as a Senior Product Manager. In this role, he collaborated with the COO on creating and cross-platform publishing of a state-of-the-art interactive narrative. After two years in that role, he was promoted to Head of Product and began leading an international team of over 30 people.

Alexey earned his Bachelor's degree in Leadership and Management from The Open University. He graduated with First-class Honours. After that, he completed the Product Leadership and Product Management Certificate at Product School before going on to get his MBA at the University of Washington.

According to those who have worked with him before, Alexey is a positive force who really knows the industries and products he works on from the inside out. He never stops learning and growing and also inspires those around him to do the same. He is patient, humble, and willing to listen in order to best help those around him.

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