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Amit Baranwal

Product Manager, Google

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Amit is a Product Manager who enjoys working at the intersection of Technology and Business. He gets most energized by building customer-centric products and collaborating with global teams. Currently, Amit works at Google focused on improving the search experience of the next billion users and leading a portfolio of products in Vertical Search and Neural Machine Language Translation for both developed & emerging (next billion users) markets.  He has been a founding member of two Augmentation Reality and Artificial Intelligence startups - Posterity and PlusOne. Earlier as part of Microsoft & Cisco, he helped build and ship next-generation consumer electronics products such as HoloLens/ XboxOne and highly distributed scalable SaaS products. While working as a Product Manager at Cisco, Amit distributed a scalable customer experience focused on SaaS products and go-to-market strategy to accelerate Cisco's transition to a software-centric recurring revenue company. Amit has  strong expertise in various verification methodologies and has been responsible for verifying complex designs in the ongoing projects. He has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MBA from The Wharton School, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Organization Behavior from INSEAD.  Amit is a self-starter, enthusiastic, and always ready to help.  

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