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Andrea Saez

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Product School

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Andrea Saez is passionate about Product Management, growth strategies, and community engagement. She enjoys any opportunity to learn from, talk to, and engage with customers. She is a dedicated professional with the passion, vision, and persistence to succeed. On top of that, she is always open to helping others achieve their goals by providing a strong support system for her team. Her dynamic motivation pushes her whole team to move their product forward in the best way possible. She is considered a valuable leader and team member by those who have worked with her in the past.

She is currently working as a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Product School. On top of that, she is the Co-Founder of The Product Dynamic, where she is working on giving support and insight on topics such as neurodiversity, building ethical products, and diversity and inclusion in product in order to create positive change.

Before this, she was a Senior Product Marketing Manager at airfocus. Prior to that, she spent six years at ProdPad. She held multiple roles in this company: Head of Customer Success, Customer Experience Manager, Product Specialist, and Specialist for Product Growth and Education. She has also spent time as a Community Moderator at Zendesk, a Product Manager at Amilia Technologies, and Head of Support and Training at Brandwatch.

Andrea studied both her Bachelor's and Master's Degree at Concordia University. She received her degrees in Electroacoustics and Communication and Media Studies respectively.

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