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Andreea Bodnari


Andreea Bodnari

Former AI Product Leader, Google

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Andreea Bodnari is a former Google AI Product Leader with over a decade of experience working in business and AI technology. Within her last role, she launched the first Healthcare AI solutions for the Google Cloud and led the development of AI products and solutions to help automate and change the way difficult problems are solved. She is currently an Executive Member at Dreamers & Doers, where she helps women with their entrepreneurial dreams by connecting them with leadership opportunities they might not have found on their own. On top of that, she is also an Equinox Fitness Coach.

Previously, Andreea worked at NYU as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medical Research. She was also the Founder and CEO of the enterprise AI company, DocDecode. Her other previous experience includes working as VP of Product Engineering, Chief Data Scientist, and a Machine Learning Engineer.

Andreea earned her Bachelor's in Computer Science from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Additionally, she holds a Doctor of Philosophy from MIT in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. She also took part in the Chateaubriand Fellowship through Paris-Sud University.

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