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Andrew Koller

Senior Product Manager, Healthline Media

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Andrew is a seasoned Product Leader with years of product ownership experience in a variety of roles. He has worked in several sectors and is now a Senior Product Manager at Healthline Media. At the beginning of his career, Andrew was trained as a Theoretical Scientist as he studied Physics, Chemical Physics, and Chemistry at Rice University. He then started working at Quorum Business Solutions as a Senior Engineer with experience in C++, SQL, Apache and many more. Under his leadership a team of engineers developed and launched Business Development Dashboards. His entrepreneurial mindset eventually led him to co-found a venture called Revenade and took on the position of Director of Product Strategy. Besides the organizational tasks, he was also in charge of analysis algorithms. Andrew then became a serial entrepreneur by co-founding ShareBloc and bringing in his know-how as Head of Product. He then moved to work with several different companies as Product Manager and lead cross-functional teams to success in several different projects. Therefore, Andrew has experienced the ins-and-outs of both consumer and enterprise-facing business. This makes him an incredibly strong Manager that can bring real value to any team. His communication skills allow him to effectively transmit his knowledge to his teammates and tackle the difficulties of cross-functional management.

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