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Angela Scott

Product Manager, Pearson Online & Blended Learning

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Angela is an experienced Product Manager and a seasoned Educator with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Today, she drives the communication and collaboration experiences in an online learning environment at Pearson Online & Blended Learning. 

Upon graduation, Angela began her professional career at Aberdeen School District as a High School Math Teacher, where she taught Pre-Algebra, Geometry and Accelerated Math, to name a few. During her career, Angela has contributed to many teaching positions such as a Math Instructor and an Online Math Teacher. Prior to her current position, she has spent over 4 years at Connections Education and eventually broke into Product at Pearson Online & Blended Learning. A tech-enthusiast, Angela believes the technology behind online learning platforms has a lot of potential to impact, improve, and fundamentally change the learning experience. 

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Washington and holds a Master’s degree in Teaching from the Evergreen State College. Additionally, she has completed various certified courses including in Computer Programming, Pre-Engineering and is a certified Product Owner. She is an inspiring speaker who works to ensure that online interactions are as natural as saying 'hello' in the school hallway.

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